We require a deposit of $100 for each puppy.


**Delivery can be arranged if within a reasonable distance.  If delivery is chosen by the buyer, a delivery fee of $.25 per mile round trip, will be charged. Delivery costs will be kept to as low amount that is possible. If shipping is required, the costs will be the responsibility of the buyer.


Tatum Creek Springer puppies come with the following guarantees and conditions:



 **A 1 year written health guarantee comes with each puppy with the following conditions:


**All Puppies are sold with AKC limited registration meaning the buyer will not have breeding rights.  Awarding breeding rights are at the discretion of Tatum Creek Springers and is determined on an individual basis with an increase in cost of each puppy of $750.00


**All Puppies are sold with current vaccinations, de-worming, tails docked, dew claws removed, and have been examined by a licensed vet.


**A shot/health certificate is included with each puppy.


**All puppies must be examined by a licensed vet within 5 days of receiving the puppy. A copy of the exam must be sent to Tatum Creek Springers within 1 week of the exam or the guarantee is null and void.


**All puppies sold under limited registration must be spayed or neutered by the age of 1 year or the guarantee is null and void.


**Even though only healthy puppies are delivered, sometimes rarely, your vet may advise you to return the puppy due to illness (excluding bacterial or viral) or defect you may do so at your expense.  You can receive a replacement puppy, of equal value, when one comes available. If you decide to keep the puppy, Tatum Creek Springers will not be responsible and under no circumstances will vet fees be reimbursed to you.


**No replacement puppy will be made until the AKC papers are returned


**This guarantee is for you, the buyer, only and is non-transferable.


**This guarantee does not include bacterial or viral infections.


**All puppies covered under this guarantee are by replacement only. We do not give refunds. We do not accept personal checks. All funds must be in the form of Cash, Cashier's Checks, Money Orders, or PayPal. If Paypal is chosen, a 3% charge will be added to your total.



**A supply of puppy food comes with each puppy picked up or delivered. All the puppies are raised on IAM's Puppy Food or Purina Pro Plan Puppy Lamb and Rice.


**AKC registration papers come with each puppy as well as continued support as long as you need advice on the care or training of your puppy. Transported puppy's papers are sent by mail so they won't get lost or misplaced in transit.


**You, the buyer, will receive a copy of these terms, conditions, and guarantee, upon the delivery of your puppy. You must sign a copy of this guarantee and return it to Tatum Creek Springers, at the time you receive the puppy in person, or before you receive the puppy transported to you, to validate this guarantee.


By signing this agreement, you, the buyer, are agreeing to the terms, conditions and guarantee stated in this agreement.  If you purchased a puppy under a limited registration, you are agreeing to have your puppy spayed/neutered by the time they are one year old.  If this isn’t done, and proof of spay/neuter is not sent to Tatum Creek Springers, the guarantee is null and void.