Tatum Creek Springers have been raising quality English Springer Spaniels for over 12 years.  We are located in rural Middle Tennessee on a small farm of 47 gorgeous acres.  Our Springers have plenty of room to run, fresh air, and lots of love.


Our puppies are born in the house, handled from the moment they are born.  At the age of 3 days old, they have their first vet exam, have their tails docked, and their dew claws removed.  The puppies remain in the house until they are about 5-6 weeks old.  They are then moved out to the kennel to start their gradual weaning process.  They are wormed every 2 weeks from the age of 2 weeks, and they are vaccinated with at least 1 puppy vaccination before they are allowed to leave at 8 weeks old. 


Having owned Springers for over 30 years, we decided that we loved the breed so much, we wanted to share such an outstanding breed of dog with others.  Over the years, we have not only raised quality family pets, but we have an extended "family" as a result, keeping in touch with our puppies "people", receiving cherished updates and photos.




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