Do I get to come and visit the puppies?

Visiting the puppies too early can cause undue stress to the mom, and expose the puppies to contagious diseases, of which they don't have immunity against,  arrangements can be made with local folks that would like to come and pick out their puppy.  Plenty of pictures are always sent so you can see the progress of your new puppy as it grows.


Can I get to pick my own puppy?

You may request the sex and color you prefer and place a down payment even before the puppies are born.  If what you prefer isn't born in that litter, you have the choice of a refund of your deposit, or transferring it to a future litter.  This is the only situation in which a deposit may be refunded to you.


How much will the puppy cost?

The cost of the puppies start at $900, but is also determined by several different factors, color, pedigree, etc. and can be more.  All the puppies are sold on a limited registration, full registration can be given, which includes breeding rights and show rights, but will cost more.


Does a female cost more than a male?

No, we think the boys are just as sweet and valuable as the girls.


Do I need to place a deposit to reserve a pup?

Yes, we require a nonrefundable deposit for anyone wishing to purchase a puppy.  We usually only take a deposit for 2 females and 2 males in advance of the litter being born, after the litter is born we will take deposits for the remaining pups.


How much is the deposit?

We only require a $100 deposit, but if you would like to put down more, that is up to you.


What happens if I change my mind and do not wish to take the puppy? 

We take a lot of time and effort in taking care of each puppy.  If you decide that you don't want the puppy, we have missed many opportunities with other potential owners in offering that puppy, therefore, the deposit is nonrefundable and you will not receive your money back.


Are there any exceptions to this rule?

Yes. In the case that the breeder cannot provide you with a puppy, your deposit will be returned in full.


After I take the pup home and decide that I cannot and/or do not want to keep it, what do I do?

The puppy and it's AKC registration papers MUST be returned to the breeder.


Are there any exceptions to this policy?

Our puppies happiness and health are our primary goals.  Under NO circumstances will our dogs end up in a shelter or a pound.  If you can't take care of your puppy and have exhausted all of your resources in finding him a new home, the puppy MUST be returned to Tatum Creek Springers.  Please let us help you find a new suitable home for your puppy, we have many resources available to us.


Is there any age limit or unacceptable reason for returning the dog to the breeder?

No, our first concern is the welfare of our dogs and their offspring.  For the most part we should be able to re-home a pup or dog regardless of age.   


Does Tatum Creek Springers offer any support after the sale of the pup?

We are always available to offer any advice or support for any questions or concerns you might have regarding any aspect of raising your pup.


Will I get to meet my puppy’s parents or relatives?

Yes, we have all the parents here.


What else does the Tatum Creek Springers provide?

We provide the first vaccine, wormings, AKC litter papers, health guarantee, several days of puppy food.


When do I get to take my pup home?

You may take your new puppy home when it reaches 8 weeks old.  Congratulations!